The future of recycling
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The future of recycling

Developing the best solutions for disposal, recycling and custom compounding available within the plastic industries. Throughout a preliminary investigation period in England and Germany, we managed to establish ourselves as a highly efficient and innovative option in the engineering and thermoplastics market, from scrap collecting to manufacturing new compounds from recycled ones.

Manufacturing Service

Specialized machinery for grinding and pelletizing material at the client’s disposal

Polymer Distribution

Specializes in taking advantage of our network in order to spot new opportunities on the market for our own compounds

Scrap Management

Providing handling, disposal and purchasing services of clients’ scrap materials through our top-notch equipment and highly competitive prices

Strategical Partnerships

We have formed strategical partnerships with leading companies from different sectors, creating
a strong network that gives us a competitive advantage across every business unit we have.


Esteban Mondragón | Commercial Chief

Mario E. Rodríguez | Sales Chief
United States

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